At PV – Velenje Coal Mine, the term research and development is understood as continuous improvement of the process of coal extraction while ensuring the highest level of safety. In terms of organisation, the development area is part of the Technical services. Most research and development works are performed in the fields of coal extraction, supporting technical services and clean coal technologies (CCT). Development work is organised within the scope of programme tasks, projects, master’s and doctoral studies, etc. Project teams involve various numbers of employees, depending on the needs of the project. Most often, these are mixed teams including experts/engineers from the fields of mining, economy, mechanical engineering, electrical technology and IT. The primary purpose of research and development in the Velenje Coal Mine is not to find and introduce technological and scientific results, but to ensure optimal production and maximum employee safety. 

In terms of optimisation and rationalisation of the process of coal extraction, we are implementing development projects in the following fields:

  • occupational health and safety,
  • construction of underground facilities,
  • coal extraction and work environment ecology,
  • transport and logistics,
  • underground drilling,
  • energy field,
  • recultivation and rehabilitation of surfaces,
  • restructuring and future projects,
  • clean coal technologies.

Within the scope of R&D, we look for appropriate regional and international tenders, where we collaborate with numerous international universities, institutes, coal mines and companies.