Machine engineering design

Designing the machine engineering part of mining projects for subterranean and surface works.

Designing equipment:

For the transport of people and for materials,

Machinery for creating subterranean spaces,

For the mechanisation of excavations.

The machine engineering design part creates projects and performs design surveillance for the following:

Preparatory worksites and excavations – machine parts,

Supplying the pit with process water and fire extinguishing water, high-pressure emulsion, ash mixtures and drainage of the pit with main pit pumping sites,

Transport systems for transporting materials and people with transport conveyors, hanging diesel locomotives, trolley units and locomotives on ground-based rails and haulage devices in shaft collars,

Transport system for the hydraulic transport of ash mixtures,

Systems for crushing and sifting coal.

It also designs electrical and machine equipment for tunnel construction and energy facilities, equipment and introduction of mechanised technology in quarries, designs transport devices and other constructions.