For mining, the knowledge of hydrogeological parameters is of utmost importance, as it is a prerequisite for planning the protective measures to prevent the inrush of water to mining sites, while at the same time identifying and preserving the sources of drinking water or process water.

The lignite extraction process is constantly accompanied by the process of intensive dewatering (drainage) of water saturated layers above and below the coal layer.

The intensive process of dewatering of water saturated layers in the pits of the Velenje Coal Mine dictates the following: 

  • continous planning and designing of dewatering activities,
  • ongoing, computerized monitoring of hydrological parameters,
  • setting and verification of hydrogeological models, based on which the predictions of the effects of dewatering measures are made and additional dewatering facilities are designed.

Continued computerised capture of data

Detail from the interpretation of hydrological data