Geomechanics is a field of technology dealing with engineering solutions related to rocks and soil.

Knowledge of the “behaviour” of hills and soils is closely related to laboratory and “in-situ” research and to computerized or mathematical modelling of the behaviour of hills and soils in modified ali secondary stress-deformation states.

We are especially actively continuing the intensive extraction, which requires constant geomechanical activity, especially with the following challenges:

– dimensioning of safety pillars,

– surveying the deformation process and calculation of the criteria for safe mining,

– prevention of sudden rockbursts and gas outbursts,

– stability of the underground constructions and the stability of roof supports,

– safety of facilities on the surface.

Stability of underground facilities may only be ensured if the design takes into account the processes of interaction of the surrounding rock and the supports.

Geotechnical monitoring used to compare these processes must be a constituent part of the technology. To ensure permanent stability, the geotechnical measurements are carried out for a longer period of time and transform into a geotechnical information system.

A wide area of geomechanical activities

Implementation of geomechanical measurements