In the Velenje Coal Mine, we have been gathering geological information practically from the very beginning of the mine’s operation. The prevailing research method in the mine has been drilling. Around 600 drill holes from the surface also means 200 km of data or 70 drill holes per square kilometre. These numbers are complemented by approximately 2000 shorter drill holes, drilled in the Mine’s pits.

Geological findings are reflected in the established location and shape model of the coal layer. It stretches under the Šaleška dolina Valley in the depths of 200 to 500 m, is 8.3 km long and 2.5 km wide, with an average thickness of 60 m (the maximum thickness is 160 m). The coal is relatively young, as it is not even 3 million years old (younger Tertiary, early Pliocene – 2.5 million years). It is called lignite. Regular acquisition of new data also helps us calculate the remaining quantity of coal. The Velenje Coal Mine still has at least 80 million tonnes of lignite available for future extraction.

The extensive knowledge of the geological structure and the experience gained from monitoring the composition of the soil in the area of ​​the Šaleška dolina Valley in recent years have been used with advantage in various works outside the area of ​​the Velenje Coal Mine. Based on the needs expressed by external clients, we provide proposals for necessary works, or plan research, implement geological monitoring of various facilities, properly process the results of research, produce the necessary geological maps, profiles, geological opinions, reports, studies on the categorization, classification and amount of stock of existing raw materials.