The Hydrogeology organisational unit plans research and water drainage works in the coal and the surrounding rock, interprets the results of research and provides the bases for the planning of underground facilities.

It is expanding its operations to the field of professional consulting, monitoring, measurements and supervision, examination of the ground below the planned facilities, analyses, prevention and remediation of avalanches, hydrothermal research, spatial information systems, etc.

The work is distributed among three tightly related branches of geoscience: geology, hydrogeology and geomechanics.

  • Geology determines the course of events in the earth’s history, the location and distribution of layers below the earth’s surface, especially where coal, various rocks and soils are located, how they are connected or separated from each other, and the causes of the established situation.
  • Hydrogeology studies the mechanisms of underground water flow in rocks and soils – aquifers.
  • Geomechanics studies the physical properties of coal and surrounding rock and predicts the reaction in them – what happens during and after the construction of underground facilities.