Organisation context

Management system

The management system represents a set of interrelated processes, through which we realise our mission, vision and values and ensure the satisfaction of buyers, owners, business partners and all our employees.

A constituent part of environment management is the energy management system.

The field of application of the management systems (quality, occupational health and safety, environment management, asset management) is tied to the locations, related to the process of coal extraction and includes all the mentioned areas – environments/stakeholders in the context of organisation.

Management systems include the requirements of the owner and joint processes, related to the owner. Management systems are also tied to joint processes of the PV Group. The field of use of the asset management system comprises the key assets in the coal extraction process.

Management system policy

The management system policy is related to quality, occupational health and safety, environment management and asset management. It includes the following:

  • constant changing, measuring and analysing of the impacts as a consequence of the implementation of the coal excavation process and ensuring the resources for improving the situation with clearly set goals and programmes,
  • consistent monitoring and adhering to the requirements of the legislation, internal regulations and decisions tied to management systems,
  • continuous education and training of employees in the field of management systems,
  • prevention of injuries and health damage and reducing the risks in the field of occupational health and safety,
  • continuous improvement of the situation of management systems and
  • regular communication with employees of the company, suppliers, buyers, inspection services, health organisations and institutes and the rest of the environment, with the purpose of maintenance and improvement of mutual trust.

The management system policies are uniform for the HSE Group. The management system policies of the HSE Group are published at Our strategy | HSE.


Through restructuring and reorganisation, the Velenje Coal Mine will set the foundations for a trustworthy company and supplier of the key energy product in a strategic facility of RS. The company will operate in a stable manner and its activities will be focused on the fundamental process of coal extraction. The company’s own development activities will be the foundation for future process rationalisation.

Mission and values

The mission of the Velenje Coal Mine is long-term and competitive extraction of the main energy product for the strategic facility of RS, TEŠ, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, while conserving, developing and marketing knowledge on subterranean extraction works and equipment.

The values that we will follow are as follows:

  • diligence – hard and persistent work to achieve the set objectives,
  • efficiency – use the resources carefully and economically,
  • safety and health of employees and others,
  • cautiousness – careful work, avoiding risks,
  • adaptability – flexibility, ability to change our responses, depending on the new situation,
  • cooperation – the meaning of cooperation and shared responsibility for the work performed,
  • courtesy – kindness and respect towards other people’s personal dignity,
  • creativity – developing new ideas and using innovative approaches,
  • development – fostering personal growth, learning and development.