Milestones - A Walk Through Time: 1875 - 2011

1860  destription and geologic maps of the deposits in the report "Lignite deposits in the Šoštanj valley in lower Štajerska and its fossils"
11.4.1875 drillig through the main lignite layer (Franc Mages)
1885 start of underground coal production (Daniel pl. Lapp)
1888 construction of the first shaft-Shaft "Rudolf" and "the Old Shaft", and first problems with methane
1891 installation of the first conveyor in the Old Shaft
1891 first railway connection between Velenje in Celje
1892 first unsuccessful miner's strike
1893 32 miners die in a methane explosion
1907 establishment of a coal mine rescue team
1914 Lapp's successors sell the mine to the Austrian emperoro
1928 construction of the Velenje thermal power plant
1946 establishment of Rudnik lignita Velenje, a lignite producing company
1950 - 1961 development of the town of Velenje through shock worker's actions
1955  start of installation of steel lining and hydraulic supports in the mine
25.11.1955 for the firs time production exceeds 1 milion tonnes of coal (1,116,500 tonnes)
1956 construction of the first phase of the Šoštanj thermal power plant
1959 gala opening of the new Velenje town centre
1961 first mining event featuring the Jump over a leather apron
1961 - 1965 lignite gasification stopped in the realisation phase (EKK)
1970 electricity generation stops in the Velenje thermal power plant
70's intensive mechanisation of coal production and tranport
1974 self-management agreement on the merger of RLV and TEŠ in DO Rudarsko elektro-energetski kombinat Velenje (Velenje mining and electricity combine, or REK)
1978 REK Velenje grows into Composite Organisation of Associated Labour, which comprises the activities that ran parallel with the coal mine: ESO, Sipak, Avtopark, Tiskarna, Družbeni standard, AOP, EFE, Mizarska dejavnost
1980 15 mining sites operational in the mine
1981 for the first time in the history of the coal mine production exceedes 5 million tonnes of coal (5,001,000 tonnes)
1984 record number of employees in Rudnik lignita Velenje (the Velenje lignite mine): 5.458
1985 record annual coal production: 5,106,400 tonnes
1986 opening of the replacement facilities in Nove Preloge, and crushing and sorting plant in Pesje
mid 1980's production in Velenje accounts for 1 third of the total coal production in Yugoslavia
1987 start of environmental remediation of the degraded environment resulting from operation of TEŠ and Premogovnik
1995 installation of purification plant in unit 4 of TEŠ
1995 Rudnik Lignita Velenje gets a new name: Premogovnik Velenje
1997 installation of purification plant in unit 5 of TEŠ
1998 ISO 9001 quality certification
2000 ISO 14001 environmental management certification
2001 establishment of Holding Slovenske elektrarne, which includes Premogovnik Velenje
2002 concession for coal exploitation, which excludes the Šoštanj mine
2002 Premogovnik Velenje becomes a public limited company
2003 last tonnes of coal sold for general consumption; TEŠ becomes the sole consumer of the coal from Velenje
2004 10-year contract on coal purchasing signed between HSE, TEŠ and Premogovnik
2005 the Premogovnik Velenje group comprises 11 associated companies
2006 adoption of the decision to constract a 600 MW unit 6 of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant
2007 production of coal of the highest quality - samples reach up to 12 MJ/kg
2008 transfer of knowledge of Premogovnik Velenje experts to the Tuzla-based mine Mramor - start of mechanised production
  record daily progress: 8.5 metres/day in G2/B in the northern part of the Preloge mine
  operation of the longest face in history: 210-metre face in the Preloge mine
  first fiber optic video transmission from the mine to the surface
  new sales of coal outside the Šaleška valley: 60 000 tonnes to the Trbovlje thermal power plant
2009 Premogovnik Velenje erects 10.5-metre sculpture "Mobil - everything revolves around coal", the highest sculpture in the Šaleška valley, to mark the 50th anniversary of the town centre
  to mark the 50th anniversary of the town, the City of Velenje decorates Premogovnik Velenje with "the Cornerstone of Velenje" in recognition of its contribution in building and developing the town of Velenje
  production limited to two faces simultaneously
2010 135th anniversary of Premogovnika Velenje
  50th Jump over a leather apron
2011 launch of new 37-metre suspension system with Scharf diesel locomotive, which increases the capacity and security of transport of people and goods
  world's first virtual presentation of underground coal production on our web site
  first performance of a brass band 180 metres deep in the tunnels of the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia in the history of Premogovnik
  permanent display of the rescue equipment used by the coal mine rescue team since its beginnings
  51st Jump over a leather apron, marking the 50th anniversary of jumps
  stakeholder sign an agreement to implement and finance Energy Development Centre, a researsh and development project
  Premogovnik Velenje, Fairwood Group, Cigler & partners and Chescor Capital sign an agreement to establish Singapore-based joint venture Fairwood PV
1875-2011 226 104 112 tonnes of coal produced in 136 years (data from 31 December 2011)
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