22.08.2013 Products and services portfolio of Premogovnik Velenje Group
The story of success in Premogovnik Velenje, which serves as a reference point in the coal mining industry of Western Europe, is based on tradition, on our own knowledge, on the best technological equipment which we developed ourselves, on the loy...
06.11.2012 The Velenje mining method
Velenje Coal Mine is a technologically highly-developed company, strongly integrated in the Slovenian energy industry and environment with its more than 135-year tradition of lignite mining. One of the thickest lignite seams in the world has spurr...
31.05.2012 Everything revolves around coal
Velenje Coal Mine is one of the largest and most modern deep coal mining sites in Europe. It operates on the largest Slovenian coal deposit and on one of the thickest known coal layers in the world. In 135 years of operation of the coal mine, near...
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